Same, same but very different

Sunday morning activity on the shores of the muddy Mekong, selling ”freedom” of baby sparrows for a dollar a pair.

A pay phone on the main strip- a young boy sits in a plastic chair besides a metal booth with a cell phone waiting. One gets the shelter, the live contact and the opportunity to call home for  few 1000 riels.

Chickens slaughtered in the local market, boiled possibly alive after collecting their blood into tiny porcelain bowls for… don’t think I wanna know.

Noa with chicken

Re-electing the same political party CPP that has been in office since 1985 and is responsible for most of the country’s corruption and poverty.

Having to pay to go to school and get a descent job but not receiving a pay check at the end of the month.

While visiting S21 (the school turned into a torture camp during the war) where  a sign is posted everywhere reminding visitors not to smile or laugh!

Loading as many people, things and even a motor cycle on any moving vehicle.

The local movie theater- a large open air  restaurant with a thatched roof, 7-8 TVs going at once and good 40 plastic lounge chairs with mostly men. You can smoke, eat whatever you choose and drink but NO alcohol.

When it comes to the road. YOU have the right away whether you are on foot, in a wheel chair, a tuk tuk, a bike, a rickshaw, a motor cycle, a Lexus or a bus; and so does everyone else!!! The motto when stepping of the sidewalk Don’t look, don’t hesitate and do pray!

Caging one’s laundry can be quite beneficial when it comes to  avoiding theft except when it cages you.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Women of all ages are masked, covered from head to toe despite the intense heat, purchasing, for the very few that can, whitening creams.

Their banks are found in garages, pharmacies, hardware stalls. A  case of single paned glass with a mixture of all denominations and currency from the 4 corners of the world.

Same, same but very different!

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