Emotional Coaching

Your journey to wholeness begins with you and ends with you.  – JM

My Intention

Because I see You, I believe in your greatness and encourage you to fully embrace the being that you are. Whether it be through the movement of your body, the strength of your mind, the poetry of your words, the vulnerability of your heart, the expression of your emotions or the transformative gifts of your experiences, you are beautifully and unapologetically whole. Shine bright like never before because the world needs more of You. My intention is to be your mirror, your reminder.

I believe that you have the inner strength and inherent wisdom to handle what life has put on your path. Through encouragement and holding space with attention and support, I will guide you inward to connect with your inner truth, to hear your needs and desires and to trust your answers to guide you. You will learn tools to access your greatest strengths and, through the right questions, see where you can seize responsibility and make conscious choices that are pivotal and empowering. Your setbacks and successes, your conflicts and disappointments are all there for one reason, your growth. The path to being You includes every aspect of You whether they are hidden or expressed- everything is intrinsically essential. You will become your own barometer and allow its truth to keep you tethered and aligned with You. This is where you begin and where you reclaim the full expression of  You. My intention is to point you in the right direction.

Everything single thing that you encounter on your path, little or big, can be used as a gift for growth or a curse for suffering.  – JM

Stepping Stones

 My Path In Three Paragraphs

My greatest challenge growing up was being me in a world that wanted me to be otherwise. This problem soon became the pivotal catalyst for a life-long search for the truth. I must have been no more than seven years old when I promised myself, on one sunny afternoon while watching a sky full of clouds form and dissolve, that I would uncover the key to being me before the end of my life. Before my 18th birthday, I had filled notebooks of poetry, studied world religions in middle school and participated in weekend developmental training like EST and LIFE SPRING. There were years of studies in philosophy, psychology, sociology as well as personal development. I sat at the feet of many gurus, sweated my ass off in sweat lodges, experienced seven-day vision quests in solitude and devoured hundreds of self-help books. I drank the cool-aid of energetic healers, crystal readers, and shamans. I sat in silent meditation for 14 days, became a vegetarian, then a vegan and then gluten free. I studied yoga, Buddhism, Tantrism and was ordained as a Buddhist nun while living with the monks in the monasteries in Laos. I applied compassion like a Band-Aid and participated in a lot of spiritual bypassing. I traveled to the four corners of the globe and embraced spirituality and all the paraphernalia that went along with it. I did a lot of doing. In all that doing and experiencing, I did have some glimpses of what I thought was the answer but inevitably I wasn’t any closer to uncovering the truth and remained painful lost from home.

One random day, I was gifted the most terrifying period of my life which lasted what seemed like too many lifetimes. The lights went out and I was no longer tethered to anything, not even life itself. It was the darkest period of my existence and paradoxically within that darkness, I found the truth. Surprisingly enough, the truth was there all along; I had been looking in all the wrong places.

I came to realize that the journey needed to begin with ME and end with ME. I learned to turn inward, to feel once again, to listen and hear. I uncovered a well of inherent wisdom within that I had lost touch with since my early childhood. Being me began with befriending me- all of me, the selfish and the generous, the inspirational and the boring. My entire palette, with all its nuances including the bright and the murky, my setbacks and awkward moments as well as the ones that made me soar are integrative parts of my journey to wholeness. They are the sum total of who I am today, and I am infinitely grateful. With specific tools and self-reflection, I began to invest more and more in my truth, rely on my body and inner being as my faithful barometer instead of allowing others to be my point of reference. Vulnerability, a quiet inner strength of my intuition and the ability to discern what is right for me are just some of the gifts from this process. I spent most of my life diluting who I was; no wonder why I felt so lost. Today, I’ve full circled back to who I always was, filling the space that I am and being unapologetically me.

The most challenging thing in life is to be you in a world that wants you to be otherwise.  – JM

What is Emotional Coaching?

Emotionally Coaching is a transformational journey to the Self. Each session is catered to your personal and current needs. The body and the breath are integrated into each session creating a solid foundation to access the gifts that lie within. You are safely guided through a series of processes and learn tools to access your inner wisdom. There is nothing to judge, to fix or to eliminate. We will use every part of you including your body, your past experiences, your setbacks, your doubts and your emotions in your journey to reclaiming your wholeness. The possibilities are endless when you ask yourself the right questions and with practice, you will become your own master for self-mastery.


What inspires me to coach?

Inner suffering, which is paradoxically the impetus for change, is what brought me to the path of self-reflection and a deep desire to return home.

My love and fascination for humanness and the belief that each and every one of us is here to unleash and express a personal raison d’être and that begins with wholeness.

Who is it for?

Emotional Coaching is for you if are lost, lost in thought, in confidence and in direction. It is for you if you yearn to feel at home within yourself and desire to befriend your hidden qualities. Emotional Coaching is for you if you wish to become your greatest reference point in your life and live the life that you are truly meant to live. It is for you if you are open to the possibility that your every experience is there for your growth and are ready to transform your life experiences into pearls of wisdom. It is for you if you are open to look at your narratives and see how they have kept you from igniting your potential. This work is for you if you are ready to invest in the most important relationship of your life, your relationship with you.

Who are my clients?

My clients range from the age of 13 to 78, both male and female.

Between the black and white is an uncharted territory of what seems to the logical mind as uncertainty yet with a deeper look you can witness a knowing that is beyond thought, knowledge and pattern. This is the portal that leads to your wholeness.  – JM


What is possible from Emotional Coaching?

  • Develop a deep relationship with yourself because this is your first relationship and the most important.
  • Awaken your inherent potential and unexploited possibilities to live an epic life.
  • Cultivate inner stillness and a deep connection with your Self.
  • Become your own reference point for self-empowerment and self-love.
  • Enhance your intuition and ability to discern and trust it.
  • Embrace your vulnerability as your greatest source of inner strength.
  • Transform your life experiences (past and present) into golden gifts for your growth.
  • Reclaim your hidden qualities that keep you from being whole.
  • Become the master of your life by taking responsibility.
  • Be unapologetically you.
  • Develop the sensitivity to hear and understand your body and your emotions.
  • Accept you for you.
  • Awaken your self-confidence and self-reliance.
  • Shift your setbacks and emotional upsets into powerful assets for self-growth and personal potential.
  • Reconnect with your body, heart and breath.
  • Endless possibilities.


75 minute private mentoring  150CHF

3hrs group workshops on the integration of the shadow for wholeness    75CHF



Being coached by Jessica for 11 weeks at this turning point of my life was a true gift, for which I am deeply grateful.

Week after week I felt safely guided and supported to deep dive into my shadow, to uncover and expose my unconscious parts, to reveal what is true, what my heart desires and to step into my light… Jessica helped me to see, accept and fully own the deep seated layer of resistance and mistrust which were invisible to me for many years… Now, I can fully and freely receive love and give love, to myself and to others. Jessica helped to see how I am the one who self-generates the changes I need, that I am the co-creator of my happiness and 100% responsible for making myself happy, allowing myself to shine and to express my unique gifts. Thank you Jessica for helping me building this precious self-trust, that I can now feel within moment after moment…And also, as you said, I can choose to be my own barometer and to use the “disconnect feelings” as a reminder to nourish my Soul, on a daily basis. Thank you for being you! (Amrita)


Working with Jess was the best experience. She managed to help me know myself better and discover ways to make my life easier and understand different ways to use my inner knowledge. I highly recommend working with Jessica! It was a great, enriched life lesson. Thank’s again for helping me through a dark path and finding my way out. (Jo)


I’ve just completed eleven weeks of coaching with Jess and have been deeply moved by the process.  I’ve never had any kind of coaching before so was slightly apprehensive and unsure of what to expect.  Jess has been an incredible and skilful guide and I’ve been amazed by the width and depth of this work. She has been a great mirror so I have been able to take a good, long, hard look at myself and all the parts that have been hidden away have been invited back into the light and embraced as I step back into wholeness and receive my shadow’s gifts.  It’s been great to recognise all the excuses I’ve made that hold me back from reaching my potential.

It’s been a powerful and empowering, visceral experience.  Many tears have been shed whilst Jess has held the space with so much kindness, understanding and compassion.  She has enabled me to see the beauty in my honesty and vulnerability and I am much more comfortable with expressing my truth as I have been shown that my own courage, wisdom and intuition is very much alive and present.   It’s been really magical from start to finish – definitely life-changing and actually very difficult to put into words what she does and how she does it!

Ultimately I cannot recommend Jess highly enough. She is extraordinary and I am so deeply grateful to her for her time and expertise in these realms.  I feel the benefits will stay with me for a long time.  I have to say even my husband noticed the difference and says I am much happier now.  He’s right.  (Erika)


Jessica is a fabulous guide who will work with you on a series of fully tailored practices, unwrapping, owning and embracing your shadow/ dark side. Thanks to Jessica’s combination of being a talented qualified therapist of this technique and herself having worked through the process to bring to life her own shadows makes her a motivating coach who can fully relate to the conditions you may be seeking to work on. It’s not an easy trip, and can be emotionally powerful – in a good way; unfasten your seat belts and watch those protective layers come off, change the lenses you see the world with and enjoy seeing some of your strongest habits slowly change. Jessica is a great life coach. As with all therapies, if you remain a passive observer this may not be for you, it requires hard work, commitment and motivation, something Jessica will help you find! (Toby)


Each session with Jessica brought new insights and led me to new thinking and shifts. Jessica was warm and supportive. She compassionately asked hard questions that allowed me to break through my excuses and my story so I could make a big change in my life related to my health. Working with Jessica altered my life in good and unexpected ways! (Sandra)


Jess is an extraordinary coach – going way deeper than anything I imagined. Highly recommend this amazing style of work – wholistic in its truest sense. Thank you. (Eric)


Wisdom, Insight & Dedication is how I perceive Jessica. In time of need, I appreciated her presence & support. In her personnel and empathic way, she helped me to have a clear mind and to trust & follow my intuition. Beside a wide knowledge, in her own way, she taught me to be able to let go of things that do not matter, and to go for the core of my strength, to find back the essence of life, JOY. You are an example for me.  (Sébastien)