Meditation for Single-Pointed Awareness

I have lost track of the days even the months. The last time I looked at a calendar or opened my agenda (a compulsive behaviour B.C-19) was the 28th of February to be exact. The days and weeks have meshed together. Time has expanded and yet is slipping through my fingers like tiny grains of sand, filling the hourglass of life. This past month has blurred by. A lot has happened. These times are not normal and yet necessary for our maturity and growth on an individual and collective level.

Each of us has a personal Covid path and to recognise which path is yours, you must get still and stop all movement. When in the crux of big change our natural go-to is to meet and ”assist” change with more movement instead of letting it unfold. Out of fear we cling to what was by doing more of what was and thus resisting the process, the change that is instrumental for our evolution. We are unable to witness our doing because we are scurrying about, here and there, attempting to hold on to before. Maybe it is time to stop and slow down?

My absence as a teacher has been a conscious one and possibly an invitation for you to choose differently too. Teaching is my dharma; there is no doubt. I am here to serve, and yet, in these very unusual times, I am drawn to retrieve my outward presence. It may appear to you that I have abandoned you or jumped ship because I have not joined the masses in posting yoga classes on-line and that I can understand.

I would like to show up for you and yet, not this way. Every ounce of my being is calling me to show you that this ”time” can be different than what we have previously known and done. It is your time, a unique opportunity to slow down and contract instead of expanding. This is your time to hone your energy inward instead of deflecting outward. Can you become interested and curious about what is In there rather than getting distracted by what is Out there?

Lockdown means creating single-pointed (Drishti) awareness which you have been practising through asana, so you’ve got this and it is time to apply what you already know. Sensory overload is our normalcy, this is all we have known. Are we not distracting ourselves with the same stuff as we did before Covid-19? Remember, where your eyes go, energy flows. Soften your gaze, bring it inward. Push the pause bottom.

These times are begging us to try something potently different. If you want to meet change and transformation you must do things differently or you remain where you were. The stillness allows you to see the dust, the dust on your shelves, in your heart, in your mind, and your body. Let’s not lose this opportunity to radically enhance the essential. For most of us, there are no more excuses. The deep inner work is to slow down enough to see and take inventory. What is essential and growth encouraging? What lifts you? What saps your energy?

How I have decided to show up is through writing in hopes that it will ignite your inner spark of insight to reflect. I encourage your thoughts and reflections that can be sent privately or under my posts so that we can create Satsang, a sacred gathering of collective sharing. I would like to equally share some meditations to assist you in your journey inward.

May your journey be safe. May your journey be peaceful. May your journey be insightful. May your journey be authentic. ❤️⭐️

Easy Meditation for Single-Pointed Awareness 🧘‍♂️
Required – 2 stones or objects of your choice. A quiet space. A comfortable seat- a chair or a cushion.…/meditation-for-single-pointed-awar…

This simple yet powerful meditation is designed to create single-pointed awareness, which is called Drishti in the practice of yoga. This state induces a spacious yet focused mind allowing for greater presence and your intuitive voice to be heard. You can self-tailor the practice to fit your needs by either lengthening or shortening the time of the meditation, the ratio of your breath ( I used an in-breath of 6 counts and an out-breath of 6 of the same) and replacing the stones with personal objects that speak to you. I love stones so I am naturally drawn to their energy.

This meditation can be done seated in a chair or on a cushion as long as you are comfortably placed. Remember that meditation is a practice and not something to be attained or acquired. There is no perfection in meditation and nowhere to go. Enjoy the process and if today was filled with many visiting thoughts, notice and make that ok. Just keep returning to the practice, to the breath, steady and constant and you will begin to experience a shift. It takes time and devotion and a regular practice cultivates this shift.
I prefer to practice early in the morning before the world becomes busy. I find it easier to receive the gifts of stillness in the early hours. Find a time that works for you and make that time your daily time. Know that 10 minutes daily is preferential than 30 minutes one day and nothing the next. Be consistent and patient. There are no short cuts in meditation, no fast track path, but continual practise day in and day out even if you feel frustrated by a hyper agitated mind. It is just a practice, so we practice. Wishing you a beautiful journey as I send you love and serenity. 💕

One thought on “Meditation for Single-Pointed Awareness

  • Merci Jessica pour tous ces beaux partages, ces moments riches d’inspiration et de méditation !
    En ces temps de pandémie, sois prudente et prends bien soin de toi.

    Bisous amicaux et musicaux d’Auvergne (France)

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