The Reality of What Is

First, I want to apologise for my absence and for not writing sooner. Nothing, not even yoga can fully prepare us for life’s challenging moments. With this said, these moments, even if they are unfamiliarly disturbing, they are the threads that make up what is called LIFE. It might not be how You see it, but with no mistake, this is life. One of the pearls of wisdom that yoga has gifted is the humbling embracing of what is.

Things happen and sometimes they seem to build up to some insurmontable mountain. Know that each one of us has the inner strength that might not look like a pushing or fighting, but an inner quiet strength to weather this storm.

For me personally, it has been a sequence of challenging moments- a life threatening health issue that lead to a hospital stay, the passing of my mother and the pandemic that we are collectively facing not just here but worldwide.

As you know, and with a heavy heart, we closed O2yoga until further notice. O2yoga is where I regenerate (of course the lake too), where I connect and feel connected and where I am in service. I miss you and our collective energy in class.

I have decided, for now, to use this time to regain physical and emotional strength and not to post yoga classes online.

With that said, I do have videos on three different sites that are available. Yoga Chez Moi Please use the code SANTE for 15 free credits.
Yoga Anytime
and The Local Collective: Teachers on GatherYoga Please use the code GATHERLOVE for 2 free weeks.

And if you should choose to trust your inner intelligence that you have cultivated through your dedication and presence in class, I trust that your body knows exactly what you need. Trust and listen and practice whatever that may look like.

This is a time for self reflection, for greater self-love and re-connecting to what is essential to you, to your heart. Be well and stay safe and keep your hearts wide open. The world needs you and your love. I look forward to seeing you soon in live. Much love, Jessica

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