Karma Yoga Project, a Buddhist monk, Laos

Sengphete, LaosSengphete is a 19-year-old Buddhist monk from a small village north of Luang Prabang, Laos. Laos is considered one of the 10 poorest countries in the world with an income of less than 19 cents per day to nourish an entire family.

Although Buddhist studies are extremely important in the Laos culture, many young boys choose a monastic lifestyle offering them free education and living.

Sengphete has spent half of his life living and studying as a monk. Today, he dreams of continuing his studies at the university specializing in law. His studies and living costs amount to close to  CHF 5’000 for 4 years and without help from the outside world, there is no chance.

We met Sengphete during our travels to Laos in 2010 and have followed his life through regular contact. Atelier Yoga has committed to assuring the totality of his financial needs and offer you the opportunity to graciously participate in making his dream come true.

We thank you for your kindness.

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July 2012

Sengphete is close to completing his Sengphete at Universityfirst year of law school at the University of Luang Prabang in Laos. He has had a challenging year adapting to his new life outside of the monastery where he had lived for a good portion of his life. With your help, Sengphete has been able to cover the costs of a small room that he shares in the dormitory and 2 meals a day. He has learned to cook and care for himself while spending his waking hours studying law and Chinese. His efforts have reached fruition with 4 As in English, Data, Lao and History, 2 Bs in Youth Organisation and Asian Working and a C+ in Human Relations and a C in Enterprise and Law.

Law class

“After breakfast, I study my law lessons and then go to the university from 13h00-16h45 and then come home to study my Chinese. My Chinese classes are every Saturday and Sunday from 8h30 to 11h30. I really enjoy studying. I did all my best, I went to school everyday and answered the questions the teacher asked. So at the end of second term, I would like to improve my grades and register for exams again.”

Our travels will take us to Laos this summer. You can still help make Sengphete’s dream of completing law school come true by donating to any of the following expenses. We would appreciate any donations before the 11th of July and if you are interested in knowing more about Sengphete and wish to contact him directly via email just let us know. He would be thrilled to have more opportunities to practice his English!

Expenses are for a Phete's room12 month period

120  CHF Chinese classes and books
300  CHF Room rental
340  CHF Law school tuition
50  CHF   School books
316  CHF Transportation
800  CHF Food

Thank you!!








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