La puissance du yogaYoga Basics

Learn the basics of breath, posture and alignement in a gentle rhythm that is open to all levels.

Vinyasa Flow

A flowing dynamic, yet meditative sequence guided by the breath and inspirational thought-provoking themes.

Yin Yang Yoga

An active heat producing practice completed with long holding restorative postures that harmonize the body and the mind. All levels.


Develops an inner quality of stillness and strength through the use of breath, mantra and concentration leading to the discovery of one’s true potential. All levels.

Yoga for Kids

A fun imaginative way to develop coordination, balance and confidence for kids of 6 to 8 years of age. Series of 10 classes. Pre-inscription necessary.

Yoga for teens

Through breath, posture and specific themes dealing with peer pressure, school exams, the power of attitude and self-confidence, teens from 9 to 16 will learn the art of staying “cool“ in the midst of chaos. Develops concentration, self-esteem and awareness. Series of 10 classes. Pre-inscription necessary.

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