Getting Still Together – Meditation

Let’s come together. 🧘 i invite you to take a comfortable seat. Allow your body to relax and soften into the space that it is. Close your eyes and notice where your inner sight is naturally drawn to. Take notice. Is this area needing your attention? As you observe, breathe gently in and out with the nostrils. Continue to breathe, slowly down the breath until you reach an equal count of 6-8 breaths in and 6-8 breaths out. Inhaling and exhaling while you watch the space that calls for your needed attention. Now, direct your breath to that area, may it be your ❤️, your lower back that aches, your compressed mind, whatever and wherever it is, stay with it. As you breathe, imagine the breath moving in and through this area, surrounding and filling it with breath. Stay with your breath, stay with that place that calls you in. Feel the breath nourishing as it fills that space. There is expansion and circulation then space. There’s a shift and perhaps greater relaxation , tenderness and freedom. Remain with it for the time needed. Be gentle. #meditation #o2yogabreathelife #getstill #lockdown #covidtimes#yogaeverydamnday #yogapath #breathe #freedom #spacewithin

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